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Secutech Vietnam 2011

H?i ch? Secutech Vietnam 2011

Ngy t? ch?c :     August 24-26, 2011
??a ?i?m     Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center, Ho Chi Minh City
??n v? tham gia tri?n lm     130 nh tri?n lm ??n t? 10 qu?c gia
Qui m     240 gian hng
Over 500 security and fire and safety equipment will be showcased

  • Thi?t b? an ninh.
  •  Camera IP, HD CCTV, DVR/NVR, ph?n m?m ?ng d?ng, Camera h?ng ngo?i , Camera speed, intercoms, intrusion alarms, IP equipmentsetc
  •  Fire and safety & Industry safety equipment
  •  Intelligent Building Pavilion HOT!
  • We will launch an Intelligent Building Pavilion for intrusion alarm, surveillance system, integrated platform, biometrics, guard service etc to allow buyers to do their purchase precisely


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